Top 3 Strategies For Getting Through Thanksgiving Without Gaining Weight!

The holidays are here!  Already!  You may still have candy in your house from Halloween and now next week is Thanksgiving.  I used to gain weight from Thanksgiving all the way through January 1st.  Every year!  Then I would lose it in time for our first river trip in April.  I got really tired of starting each year wanting to lose weight.  Can you relate? 

What if this year, you didn't gain any weight during the holidays!  How would that be?  It's actually easier then you think to maintain your weight during holiday time. I've listed three strategies below that will keep you out of the holiday weight gain!

1.  Drink plenty of water.  When you're drinking enough water and you are hydrated, it significantly cuts down on sugar cravings.  When you crave sugar less, those sweet treats that everyone brings into your office aren't quite as desirable.  It's easier to say no to them or just have a bite instead of a binge.

2.  Make sure you are having regular meals.  If you are skipping meals, then you are hungry.  When you are hungry, it's way too easy to eat a Donut for breakfast in your office then to say no.  Make it a priority to eat regular meals and make sure you are satiated and satisfied.

3.  When you eat anything, including unhealthy holiday treats, it's easy to do it in moderation when you are present with your food.  This means, make sure you are chewing your food, at least 20-30 times each bite and paying attention not only to the flavor, but to how you are feeling.  Notice when you start to become full and stop then.  If you eat slowly and stay present you will naturally eat less and still feel satisfied.

Using these strategies you will enjoy holiday treats and not pack on the pounds during the holiday season!

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