Do you feel drained? 6 things that suck your energy and what to do about them.

Do you think about eating healthier, losing weight and getting in shape?  But, when you do think about it, you feel overwhelmed at the thought because you are tired or drained all the time?  You have so much on your plate to get done and sometimes it just overwhelms you.  You want to start taking better care of yourself, but by the time you get done working and doing all the other things on your  “to do” list the last thing you have energy for is cooking healthy meals or doing exercise.  In the meantime, you know you want to look and feel better.  You know if you had more energy you could lose that extra weight and be happier overall.

I know what this feels like.  There was a time when the thought of adding exercise and healthy cooking into my day was overwhelming.   I even decided at one point that I would rather be sick and fat then go through the diet process ever again.  I really don’t want to be sick or fat, but at the time, this was actually a relief to think about never dieting again and all the extra energy it took to do it.

I have since learned, and now teach to my clients, that there are ways of finding energy that are really simple so you have the resources to be healthy even when you are busy with your business and your other responsibilities.  All of my clients double their energy within a few weeks of working together.  What would your life be like if you doubled your energy?   Here are a few of things that could be sucking your energy and you may not be aware of them.   A few of them may surprise you:

1.        Shoulds:  Every time you tell yourself you “should” do something or “should  have” done something it is draining.  If I had my way, the word “should” would not be allowed in our vocabulary anymore.  You can replace that word with “could”.  I “could” do _____.  Doesn’t that feel better already?

2.       Negative Self Talk:  Saying or thinking negative things about your self is very draining.  It can be a habit and you may not realize how much you are doing this.  When you catch yourself, replace the negative comment or thought with something you appreciate about yourself.  You will notice right then you feel more energetic.

3.       Trying to remember too much.  Write it down!  It takes a lot of energy to remember everything to do, all your appointments, everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries.  Get a pen and paper and do a “brain dump”.  Write it all down.  Put appropriate dates on your calendar and schedule time blocks to handle the rest.

4.       Not drinking enough water.  When we are dehydrated, this is very draining on your body.  Your body is trying to function, and the body’s cells, organs, brain, tissue, and everything are stressed when you don’t drink enough water.  If you want a significant increase in energy, drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water each day.  

5.       Constant worry, fear and stress: These are big energy suckers.  It is very draining to worry all the time.  Worry is faith in what you don’t want.  Why not try having faith in what you do want.  Both are in the future and are unknowns, so why not choose to have faith instead of worry.  Living in faith feels much more energetic than worrying.

6.       Feelings of unworthiness, lack of value, not deserving, guilt or shame can be big energy drains.  These emotions sometimes hide or are more at the subconscious level, so you may not realize they are running in the background. These can be a little bit tougher to identify and shift, but it is definitely doable.  Sometimes we need the help of a friend, coach or mentor with this step, however, by identify these emotions that play in the background, it can have a huge positive impact on your life.

"Before working with Janice, I had cravings for sweets, low energy, was stressed and wanted more balance in my life.  Within three sessions I had lost 9 lbs., had more energy (stopped taking afternoon naps) and was getting more done.  Now after completing the 90-Day Total Transformation Program, I am happier, have more energy, eat significantly less sweets, feel more relaxed and have learned how to put myself first and have more fum.  I have been able to create healthy habits within the context of my very busy life and I see things with a whole new perspective.  I highly recommend this program if you want to lose weight, reduce sweet cravings, have more energy and less stress.  This program will give you the tools and perspective to accomplish your health and weight loss goals."  Amber McDaniels, Realtor, Bullhead City, AZ

These are just a few things that will drain your energy.  You need all your energy in today’s culture to live how you want.  If you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of adding self-care into your routine, click here now to schedule your  “What’s Possible For You Discovery Session”.  In this session we will explore what is draining your energy, how to increase your energy and an easy plan to double your energy and achieve your health and weight goals that will not overwhelm and drain you.

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