Manifest Anything Better Group Rules & Conditions

Hello Beautiful Lady!

The purpose of the Manifest Anything Better group is to create a high-vibe, positive and inspirational space for you.  In order to do this we have created some rules for the group to preserve the quality of the group and the content posted in the group.

Note:  By requesting to join the group and being approved into the group, you automatically agree to the rules below.

1.       Be kind, positive, supportive and uplifting. This group is a spiritually based support group. We will not tolerate negativity, bullies, judgement, gossip or rude people in this group.  If you can’t be kind, supportive, positive or uplifting, please just remove yourself from the group. If you are going through a rough time, you may share your story, but only to request support and being uplifted, not to complain.

2.       Each one of you has value to give to the group. Please share your tips, tools, resources, and any stories you have about manifesting, law of attraction, spirituality, and online businesses (relating to the topics).  We want to hear all about it. This group is a community and we can all benefit from your value.

3.       Self-Promotion is ONLY allowed on Fridays in this group. This includes FREEBIES too. On Friday there will be a thread for you to post any freebie or sales page links you have.

Any promotions outside of the Friday thread will be removed. This group is for VALUE, inspiration and positivity.  Too many promotional posts take away from that.

No spam or sales pitches regarding products or services including free sessions/consultations, solicitations to PM, posting links to your own website, posting affiliate links.  Adding your website in a graphic is considered self-promoting, so please remember to double check and make sure your website isn't anywhere on your graphic. Asking people to review a website or sales page for purposes of helping you with it is also considered promotional.

4.       Friend requests, follow for follow, or page liking threads are forbidden. This group is not for finding leads for your business.  If you organically grow a relationship and someone reaches out to you, then you can have that conversation privately.

5.       Soliciting other members' Facebook message inboxes with your MLM or business through this group is strictly forbidden. So is asking members to PM you for "links." Again, this group is not to promote your business. If other members are interested in what you have to offer, they will reach out to you on their own.

6.       This is a safe space.  Please honor the privacy and trust of the people in this group by not sharing their private or personal stories outside the group.

7.       Do not make charity posts or ask for money in this group. We understand that sometimes we go through hard times, but this group was created to empower you to Manifest Anything Better than you knew you could.  We will hold space for you as you go through your challenges.

8.       Stay on topic in this group. We all have other interests but this is the Manifest Anything Better group for a reason. Please keep topics to:  Manifestation, Laws of Attraction, Positivity, Inspiration, Motivational Mindset, and Online Business Tips (that don't lead to your website or freebie), Life Coaching, and other RELATED topics.

9.       Please do not Message admins or moderators as to why your post was removed if it was removed. The post was removed because a rule was broken. Please come back and re-read the rules if necessary before your next post. If you break a rule once, you will be forgiven since we all make mistakes from time to time. The second time you break a rule will result in immediate removal from the group.

10.   Complaining or ranting is not allowed.  This group is about focusing on the positive side of life. Choose a group dedicated to complaining, if you have a complaint.

11.   Be helpful and supportive. If you have an answer to someone's question or a solution to help a member out, please offer it. We’re here to support each other.

12.   You may post videos, but know NO Livestreaming in this group:  Livestreams are difficult to screen for compliance of the rules and are done in real time.  All videos must be non-promotional and on one of the accepted topics. In order to add value to the group Janice Berkenheger and the admins of this group may livestream from time to time.

13.  Techical Support:  Please contact Janice's team at for any technical questions or issues.  Do not post them in the group.

14.   Make sure you have fun and get inspired. This group has the potential to forever change your thinking and literally manifest a life that is better than you knew you could. Use this group for your advantage! Ask questions, share your experiences, keep us updated on what you're manifesting and your successes, provide your greatest tips, and share inspirational articles, images, blogs, and videos that do NOT redirect to your website or offerings (unless it's in the Friday thread).

IMPORTANT: If you think that a member broke a rule, please report their post to the ADMIN, and NOT to Facebook. Then we can review the post from our end and remove it if needed.  Reporting it to Facebook doesn't do anything but flag the post for their review.

NOTE: Janice and her team will break the rules sometimes. If she feels that a post is valuable to the group and serves the highest good, she may promote something from or something related.