1. Law of Polarity:

This law is about opposites. Everything has an equal opposite. You cannot have poverty without abundance, hot without cold, etc. It also means you cannot have a desire without that desire already existing and the means for receiving it already existing.

2. Law of Cause and Effect:

This law states that whatever you put out into the Universe, you get

back. This means if you worry, you will receive more things to worry

about. If you have faith and knowing your desired outcome is going to

happen, you receive your desired outcome. What you focus on expands.

3. Law of Vibration:

This states that everything in the Universe has it's own unique vibrational frequency, including humans. This frequency is controlled by thoughts and emotions. When the vibration of your thoughts and emotions resonates with something, you bring it into your life. Hold the frequency of what you want, until you receive it.

4. Law of Relativity:

This law says that everything is relative. An object isn't big or small. The Universe doesn't recognize size. When manifesting money, the Universe sees no difference between $1 or $1,000,000. It's our own limiting beliefs that determine whether we will manifest $1 or $1,000,000.

5. Law of Rhythm:

This law is about cycles. There are natural cycles to everything. Recognizing and staying in harmony with nature's rhythms when manifesting, will provide more of the results you want with less effort.

6. Law of Gestation:

This law states that everything will manifest in the right time. Ideas need time to form into physical results. You will receive your desires when the time is right. Keep your faith to ensure this happens.

7. Law of Transmutation:

This law says that energy is always moving from non-form to form

and back again. You perceive knowledge according to your level of

awareness and this level of awareness creates form out of the non-form

from your thoughts, desires, emotions and actions

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