Changes: What You Can Expect To Receive From Me In The Future

In 2008, I read two books:   The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, and You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay.  I had no idea the impact both of these books would make on my life when I bought them.  

When I first started reading The Secret, I didn’t believe it.  I had never been exposed to or heard of the principles that were introduced in the book.  For those that are unfamiliar with the book, it talks about the power of our thoughts and how they influence our lives.  As I continued reading the book, I did not believe what it was saying.  I remember sitting outside on my back patio thinking this can’t be true.  Life cannot be that easy!  Yet, part of me had to keep reading.  Part of me couldn’t put the book down.  As I continued to read, I decided to try some of the tools in the book.  I decided to think more positive and be more grateful.  My life changed overnight!  The second I started thinking positive and being more grateful, I came in contact with more positive people and had better customer service at the places I always went to.  People could not help me enough!  One of the biggest things I noticed was driving.  Instead of constantly sharing the roads with rude, crazy drivers who were running stop signs and cutting me off on the freeway, I was surrounded by courteous, cautious drivers who were waiving me through stops signs even though it was their turn and I rarely, if ever, get cut-off anymore.  This literally happened overnight.  I was in shock!  Since then, I have been obsessed about learning more about the mind, subconscious mind, our thoughts and the impact they make on our life, health, finances, relationships and our habits.  The changes in my own personal life have been dramatic.  My days are just easier in general.  Little tasks are no longer a struggle and I have created so much freedom in my life.  I moved to a place I love living and financial opportunities that we could never have imagined have opened up for my husband and I.  I write this sitting outside by my beautiful pool enjoying 85 degree weather, I make my own hours and work the days I want to work.  I am not saying this to brag, I want to share with you because you too can create a life with more freedom, better health, less stress, deeper relationships and more financial abundance.  You can have whatever you desire.

I left my corporate job in January, 2008 to become a Pilates instructor.  I had never worked for myself or in the fitness industry.  I had no idea that the economy was going to get as bad as it did.  After reading these two books, I adopted the mantra, “I have my own economy and there are plenty of people that can afford my services.”  I said this many times a day, quit watching the news and focused more on possibilities than what was going on with the global economy. The clientele I built during the worst economic downturn in history was nothing short of miraculous.  I know my mindset greatly contributed to my success.  

As I was learning about the principles of how our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives I realized I HAD to share this information with others.  I had to let others like me know that everyday does not have to be a struggle, that you don’t have to always live paycheck to paycheck and that all of you have the potential for greatness in your life.  Whatever you want to achieve, it is possible.  I have relentlessly studied over the last 9 years.  I have earned four coaching certifications and I’ve had some of the best coaches and mentors in the world.  I love teaching you what I have learned.  

Topics about nutrition and healthy lifestyle have been most dominant in my newsletters and blogs.  Nutrition and healthy lifestyle are still an important part of living an amazing life, however, starting now I will be teaching and sharing more information about mindset, Universal Laws, manifesting, and how you can improve any area of your life.  I also love being an entrepreneur.  It is the biggest growth experience and teacher.  I also love working with you female entrepreneurs who are realizing you don’t have the freedom you thought you would have by creating your own business and are stressed, tired, and burned-out.  I love to help you create balance, better health, deeper relationships and enjoy your life and your business again.  Moving forward, a lot of my communication will be directed to you female entrepreneurs.

I hope that as I move forward in the future, you will continue to be part of my tribe and find nuggets in my newsletters, blogs, and Facebook posts, and continue participating in my workshops and programs.  If so and you know others who will benefit from my work, please share the information with them.  If you no longer feel my messages and communications are useful to you, feel free to unsubscribe.  I am grateful to every single one of you that allows me into your inbox and Facebook feed and has hired me to be your teacher, coach and mentor.  It is my hope to continue to serve you and help you step into your greatness.  My mission is to have a huge impact teaching you that your life is significant and special, that you make a great impact and you can do it from a place of ease, peace and joy instead of struggle, guilt and worry.  You can be healthy, have a great business, family and a great life and still have enough personal resources left to have fun, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You deserve to have everything you want.  You don’t have to do it alone, let’s do this together!

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