I Love My Cravings. Do You?

What do you crave?  Is it sugar, salty snacks, breads, cakes and sweet treats?  Is it fast food, caffeine or all of the above, just at different times.

I have had all these cravings and in the past, I was having them all the time.  That was before I became a health coach and found out what cravings really mean.  

One the most powerful things I teach my clients is to handle cravings with curiosity instead of judgment.  I used to get so frustrated with my cravings.  Especially the sugar cravings that were so strong I couldn’t even think.  I had to get something sweet to eat in order to function.  Once I had my sweet treat, I was able to get back to work or do whatever it was I was doing.  I would get so frustrated with myself, angry with myself, and wonder why I couldn’t just easily eat healthy like other people. The more I judged and got angry with myself, the worse I felt and the more crap I ate.

Have you ever experienced this?  

Healing never happens in judgement.  As soon as you can be gentle and compassionate with yourself, get curious and ask yourself, “What am I looking to experience by eating…?”  Be quiet a moment and listen.  You will receive an answer, and it may surprise you.  I found many reasons why I was having cravings, some of them were:  loneliness (on the inside), tired (when I’m tired it totally triggers sweet cravings), dehydrated, stressed, distraction and a few others.  I was so amazed to learn what was truly going on.  These cravings were an amazing source of information and self-learning.  Now I am grateful that I had them.  

Once you know what experience you are looking to have from your craving, you can consciously choose a different action depending on what you want to experience or you can consciously choose to eat the food you are craving.  The good thing is, even if you eat and unhealthy food that you are craving, you know why you want it. Then you can eat it consciously, slowly and savor it and feel good in the knowing that there was a positive intention behind the craving instead of judging yourself and beatingyourself up.

If you would like to talk further about your cravings, click here now to schedule your “What’s Possible For You Discovery Session.”  In this session we will explore your cravings and see how they are stopping you from having what you want and discover the next steps that are right for you to move forward to getting what you want.

If you know someone else that may be curious about their cravings, please forward this blog post to them so they may also benefit from this information.

Comment below on what your cravings are telling you.

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