Three Simple Ways To Achieve your New Year's Resolutions This year!

Are you one of the 8% of people who accomplish their new year’s resolutions or are you one of the 92% who don’t? 

I used to be in the 92%.  Every year I was going to get in shape, lose weight and eat healthy.  Just like most people, that didn’t last long and I was off track by February or March.  I felt crappy, like a failure.  Why couldn’t I be one of those people who were successful with reaching their health and weight loss goals?  Sound familiar?  There were quite a few things that I didn’t know back then and not knowing those things kept me on that diet roller coaster, feeling overwhelmed, continuing to emotionally eat,  having uncontrollable cravings and in a state of total frustration around my health, body and diet.

I can’t share everything I have learned with you in one newsletter, but I do want to share with you today the first step to attaining your goals.  Most people don’t know how to do the very first step properly.  That immediately sets them up for failure.  What is the first step?  How you set your goal.

It is very important to set your goal doing these three things:

1.        Be very specific on what you want.  Is it a number of pounds, a certain dress size, measurement?  Get specific.  For example instead of saying “I want to lose weight and eat healthy”, say “I want to lose 10 pounds.”

2.       One of the most powerful and important parts of the goal setting process is “why”.  Why do you want to achieve this goal?  Going back to the example above, ask yourself “Why do I want to lose 10 pounds.  What will having that do for me?”  Ask yourself this question several times.  If your answer is you will feel more confident, ask yourself “What will feeling more confident do for me?”  There can be many layers to your why.  You want to uncover as many of them as possible.  Your  “why” will give you the motivation to continue when it gets a little harder down the road to stay on track with achieving your goal.

3.       Once you know the deep “Why”, visualize what it would be like for you if you already accomplished you goal.  How would you feel in your body?  What would it be like to feel confident (or whatever feelings you came up with doing step #2).  What would your life really be like when you achieve you goal.  Engage your senses in you visualization and your emotions.  This visualization is powerful and should be done daily while you are working towards your goal. 

If you start out this year, setting your goals with this process and visualizing the end result, you will significantly increase your chances of success!  What if this year really is different for you and you do achieve your health & weight loss goals?  What if you do get off the diet roller coaster, stop having uncontrollable cravings, feeling tired, overwhelmed and low energy.  What will open up for you in your life this year when you are successful this time?

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To your success!



Professional Woman’s Weight Loss and Money Coach

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