10 Ways For You To Find The Right Diet For Your Body...

Most diets don't work.  Approximately 95% of dieters do not keep the weight off.  Are you one of them?  Not only do you not keep the weight off, you gain back more than you lose.  There is research that proves that dieting can hurt your metabolism.  You probably want to lose some weight, feel sexy and desirable in your clothes, be able to buy cute clothes, and with summer on its way, feel good in a bathing suit. Not only do you deserve those results, you can have them.

Most diets don't work because they are created for the masses.  Someone losses weight eating a certain way, then others try it and it becomes a big fad.  You will not find the right diet for you in any book.  Here are 10 things to consider when choosing perfect diet for you.  These 10 "paradigms" work for my health coaching clients and will work for you too.

1. There are as many diets as there are people. 

2. A diet that's healthy for one person, may not be healthy for you.

3. Your body has it's own innate wisdom that knows better than any book or authority.

4. Diets are useful to refer to, but not useful as dogma.

5. Your body is the ultimate authority for every phase of your life.

6. As you change your body's needs change.

7. Your body is the most powerful, least expensive and BEST dietary experimentation lab.

8. Your Relationship with food & your body impacts your health more than the food you eat.

9. Symptoms, cravings and behaviors are messages that lead you to solutions, not problems. 

10. There are many ways to receive Nourishment that do not include food. 

YOU can control your weight loss experience.  Did you know that? Your body will tell you exactly what it needs to loss weight and be in optimum health.  Tapping into this body knowledge will empower and liberate you from starvation, deprivation and the diet roller coaster!
This is a completely different way of looking at food and your life. It's a huge paradigm shift. If you are tired of diets that don't have lasting results, deprivation, starvation, frustration and the feeling that you'll never succeed, click here now to schedule a conversation with me to see how you can learn how to tap into your body's own expert knowledge so you can be free from diet trends that don't work and learn how to create the healthy habits that are perfect for your unique body that last. 

I guarantee you will feel empowered to choose the path for you that feels right in your whole body, and you will strengthen your relationship with the one person that matters most in your life—YOU! 

To your health!


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